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HR Company Solutions offers a thorough HR audit process and checklist to our clients to make sure they are compliant.
hr audit
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HR Audits

HR audits are a requirement for all businesses and it is recommended at least once a year. Human Resource audits ensure that all staff member files are up to date, contracts are still valid and all policies and procedures are in order with the running of your business. Unless your business has a dedicated HR Manager and team, or an outsourced HR firm like HR Company Solutions, this is often overlooked as it can become a time consuming and often daunting task, but it can lead to very costly and detrimental repercussions if not monitored and controlled.

A typical HR audit includes the following:

  • Review of staff files to ensure all documentation is current and relevant. New, labelled and tagged files will be included.
  • Review of employment contracts to ensure that employees have an employment contract on the terms negotiated.
  • Detail of job descriptions for all employees as discussed with each employee on a one-on-one basis.
  • Leave control for all employees.
  • Review of disciplinary code and procedures to ensure that it is in line with the current employee challenges.
  • HR employer handbook that will include all reviewed company policies, disciplinary forms, leave forms, full recruitment processes and competency tests and evaluations, performance appraisal programmes, grievance procedures and training needs analyses.
  • Setup of Employment Equity committees and implementing the process for submissions.
  • Ensuring the business is compliant with all collective agreements.


Is your business or organisation due for an HR audit? HR Company Solutions can help you take back the control.

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