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HR Company Solutions also offers services to employees who need CCMA representation and labour advice.
ccma representation, employee labour advice
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Employee Services

HR Company Solutions is well-versed in assisting employees with a range of services that protects and promotes their interests in the workplace. We work with employees who are employed in a variety of different industries.

Our Employee Services include:

  • Professional CV writing
    To increase your chances of being hired for that job you’ve had your eye on, you need to have a professionally-written CV. Our CV writing team will run through your current CV and find out any other relevant information from you that potential employers are interested in. It will then be re-written and restructured, and the end product is a CV that you can confidently send out to hiring managers.
  • Profiling for job search candidates
    If you’re looking for a new job but don’t quite know where to start or how to get your CV out to hiring managers, our team will help profile you against current job opportunities and match your skills, experience and qualifications to a vacancy.
  • Labour relations
    Let our team guide you to understand what you should be expecting and expected to do within your current employment to ensure that a fair, effective and professional relationship is maintained between you and your employer or company.
  • CCMA representation
    Should you ever need representation at the CCMA, our consultants will be able to assist in preparing you for the hearing and ensuring that you know what to expect.
  • Labour advice and case building
    Labour laws and legislation may sound complicated and overwhelming, but our consultants are available to help you understand what exactly you need to adhere to, and what your rights and responsibilities are as an employee within your specific industry.


Do you require, or know of anybody who requires, any of the employee services we offer?

Contact HR Company Solutions to speak to a consultant and make sure you get the right labour advice that helps you to feel more empowered in the workplace.