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HR Company Solutions provides simple, effective and affordable recruitment solutions for your business.
Affordable Recruitment Solutions
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Health and Safety Audits

Health and safety audits are essential for businesses to conduct on a regular basis, and aim to ensure your employees are not working in harmful conditions.

HR Audits

Human Resource audits ensure that all staff member files are up to date, contracts are still valid and all policies and procedures are in order with the running of your business.

Monthly HR Services

We offer companies a range of monthly services that promote the smooth and systematic running of HR functions within the organisation.

Recruitment Solutions

Complete staffing solutions at affordable rates starting at 9%. We assist our clients with recruitment solutions in all sectors and management levels.


Premium placement services that suit your budget

We see ourselves as your recruitment partner who understands your business needs and can tailor-make recruitment solutions to your budget, recruitment demands, and hiring processes.


Find out more about how your organisation can simplify its recruitment processes, minimise risk, and hire top talent.


Opening new possibilities for our clients

One of the secrets to success in business is first ensuring that your internal processes and procedures are in place and fully functional. We specialise in HR audits, health and safety audits, as well as monthly HR services that improve the overall efficiency of your company procedures.


Find out how HR Company Solutions can move your business forward.


Comprehensive and streamlined HR solutions

Our range of HR solutions is completely customised to your specific business in terms of the nature of your business, your business goals, as well as your company policies and codes.


Contact us today and find out how you can start benefiting from the effortless and structured HR plans from HR Company Solutions.

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Benefit from our efficient outsourced HR solutions

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Experience across Industries

Our experienced recruitment team has worked across all industries in South Africa.

Multi-Level Recruitment

We place candidates across all management levels in your organisation.

Top Talent

Our thorough interview process ensures only the best candidates for your business.


Our HR audits and Health and Safety audits will make sure your organisation is compliant with legislation.

Employee Representation

We work with employees to protect and promote their interests in the workplace.


We partner with you to grow and adapt your HR solutions as required based on your business development.